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The legal address:

117393, Russia, Moscow, Architectora Vlasova str., 51


Office of the Company "Eurosoft":

109428, Russia, Moscow, Rjasansky pr., 61, in building of The State Research Institute for Buildilng and Structures named after V.A.Kucherenko (TSNIISK), 4-th floor.

Phones: (499) 170-10-80, (499) 170-10-84, (499) 174-79-91, (499) 174-79-98.

E-mail: info@eurosoft.ru   Internet:   http://www.eurosoft.ru


EUROSOFT is a Russian company founded in 1992.

The company develops and sells software for architectural and structural design. Quality of the software is verified by thousands of users, both in CIS and in foreign countries, whose requirements and requests directly affect the software development process. EUROSOFT is a research-and-production enterprise in the field of the high information technologies, working on a home market and on export. For years of the existence and development EUROSOFT has executed on export a great number of orders for the development of CAD-software for German firms, such as mb Software AG, IEZ AG, Inpro, Siemens. The programs developed in EUROSOFT are successfully sold through a dealer network in Germany and other countries all over the world. EUROSOFT is based on 30-years experience of developers of the CAD-institute TSNIIproekt (The Central Research and Experimental Institute for the Methodology, Organization, Economy and Computer-aided Design and Engineering Survey) of Gosstroy of Russia (State Committee of the Construction of Russia) and scientific potential of the great Russian research institutes for construction – TSNIISK (The State Research Institute for Buildilng and Structures named after V.A.Kucherenko), NIIZHB (The Research and Development Institute for Concrete and Reinforced Concrete), NIIOSP (The Research Institute of Bases and Underground Structures named after N.M.Gersevanov). Especially closely EUROSOFT cooperates with TSNIISK laboratory of the theory of constructions. In particular, the laboratory develops normative and methodical documents and design requirements on loads and actions (including seismic, wind and snow loads) and reliability of structures. Since 2003 EUROSOFT is at the head of a recognized structural engineer and scientist Dr. Juri Nazarov.

STARK_ES is a main product used to solve the most complex problems of structural analysis and design. As well as other software products of EUROSOFT, STARK ES is continuously improved and, since 1995, six times passed certification in Gosstroy of Russia. In 2002, software products of the STARK ES series are recommended by Gosstroy of Russia for use in the design engineering firms and expert organizations.

Since 2001, under recommendation of GlavGosExpertiza of Russia (The principal state Expertise of Russia) hundreds of structural engineers and experts have passed the training organized by EUROSOFT at seminars on the actual problems of three-dimensional analysis of building structures. Since 2004, according to letter of GlavGosExpertisa of Russia, EUROSOFT suggests, in cooperation with the developers of a popular software LIRA, a technology improving the quality of design projects by using two independently developed programs. In 2004 and 2005, EUROSOFT has increased with civil engineers, mechanics-researchers, programmers and solves more and more difficult tasks to make a design process easier and safer. Having EUROSOFT as a partner, you can get an advantage on your home market and open the Russian market for your company.

Our products:



Finite element static, dynamic and stability analysis of 3D structures.


Analysis and design of structural elements and their connections.



Electronic guide and calculator for designers and civil engineers.


Design drawings of reinforced concrete structures on the AutoCAD platform.
ProfilMaker Design and analysis of arbitrary cross-sections.



Analysis of steel elements and connections, creating of technical specifications.



3D architectural design.
Почтовый адрес: 109428, Москва, Рязанский пр-т, д.61
(499)418-01-52, (499)170-10-80, (499)170-10-84, (499)174-79-91